Antler Sculpt Repair Kits

Restore Your Trophy To Its Original Glory!  Used By The World's Leading Taxidermists & Antler Artists!  Kits include everthing needed to repair / restore your trophy to its original appearance. Kits contain Part A & Part B Antler Sculpt, 3 shades of touch up paints, shaping wire, sculpting sticks, paint brush, sandpaper and complete easy to follow step by step instructions. 

3 lb. Pro Size Antler Repait Kit

3/4 lb. Antler Repait Kit

Customer Reviews ...

  • With this kit I was able to recreate the broken antlers from my 12 point buck. It turned out so perfect that no one even knows it had broken antlers. Excellent product!
  • Product works great. Easy to use even as a beginner!
  • If you walked up to my deer you would likely be unable to tell which is the tine I replaced.  This kit is really nice.  I had never tried anything like this before, but I had a nice 9 pointer mounted with a broken G3 and I wanted him to look his best. I followed the instructions and is kit worked real well.
  • The repair kit had easy to follow instructions and all the materials I needed and worked perfectly. I was very satisfied with the results. 
  • I was a little skeptical when I bought this kit, but after using it, no skepticism anymore! This kit worked exactly as advertised.  Very happy with the results. I'd buy it again. 
  • Very good product! It looks so real one would not be able to tell the point was fabricated. Awesome product!
  • This kit is great for repairing antlers.  I repaired a 12 point rack that had been demolished!
  • This repair kit is awesome!. Love it!  It was very easy to work with and turned out great!

5" Tine Replaced